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The 'wolves' that inspired Wolf Pack Apps

Who We Are 

Creating trustworthy, high quality and easy to use Shopify Apps.

Wolf Pack Apps are developed to make merchant's lives as simple as possible. We handle all the complicated backend problems so you can focus on the important stuff - making sales and making money! 


Whether you’re a start-up small business or an experienced Shopify retailer, our applications are easy to install, understand and use. We also provide continuous support whether you encounter a bug, have feedback for an update, or have a lightbulb moment about a new app idea. 

Wolf Pack Apps is a small family business - meaning we are approachable and easy to work with us. When you contact us, you are talking directly to the software developer, so you're working with the source right away instead of having to go through different chains of communication and getting your message lost in translation!

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Providing a Number 1 Service

Why download one of our Apps?

Fast & Easy Install

No coding needed. We take all the hassle out and our apps are fast and easy to install and use.

Online Support

We are always happy to provide support if you encounter a bug, or have some feedback for us!

Increase Revenue

Our apps aim to get you a fast result, aiming to increase your sales, and revenue of your Shopify Store.