How to Increase Sales on Shopify using the Rewards Bar

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

The Rewards Bar increases sales in TWO main ways.

1) It entices customers to add more items to their carts

2) It instantly rewards customers for completing a sale

How the Rewards Bar entices customers to add more items to their carts

Many ecommerce entrepreneurs know that as soon as someone creates a shopping cart with you, they are much more likely to purchase from your store.

This is where the Rewards Bar comes into play - it's injected directly into the header of your store, and follows your customers as they browse online. With three rewards that customers build towards, they unlock a reward each time their cart total reaches a 'goal' amount. The bigger the goal, the bigger the reward! Instantly redeemable to their shopping experience with you.

How it works!

When customer's first come to your store, The Rewards Bar is right there in the header of your site. Their eyes are drawn to the empty ticks next to each goal, silently encouraging them to add to their cart so they can watch that green line grow and unlock rewards. The Rewards Bar automatically updates each time their cart is adjusted. (As the vendor, you set the amounts that your customers work towards in each step)

The Rewards Bar peaks customer interest by being mysterious (studies have shown that emotional responses are the best way to get customers to interact with you). It does not tell your customer what they will unlock until they total $XYZ amount in their cart. It only reveals their reward once they have added enough items to their cart for each qualifying spend.

If you know your customers well, and you're clever - the Rewards Bar can be utilized efficiently so that you can set the three rewards and their qualifying spends so well that it entices customers into creating awesome shopping carts!

How customers experience instant gratification when using the Rewards Bar

Now that the customer has a shopping cart and a discount code, the fun really begins. In marketing, it is a well known fact that if you give someone something for free, they are much more likely to purchase from you. That is because you have now established trust through an exchange of value. You have given them a free custom tailored discount code. Not only does this lead them into becoming a customer who purchases from you, but a happy one. And we all know the value of happy repeat customers!

There is no 'sign up to redeem', there is no 'next time receive X reward', simply put - there is no beating around the bush with the Rewards Bar. The customer's get to apply their discount code to their shopping cart immediately with every shop they do in your store!

Free Life Time Membership

Currently the Rewards Bar is $4.99 per month, but a little birdy told me how to get a free lifetime membership.

Less than 2 minutes to install to your Shopify Store

The Rewards Bar takes less then 2 minutes to install into your storefront, watch how quickly you can go from this blog to having it installed in your store.

As I said, less than 2 minutes.

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