The Rewards Bar - 100% Free 

How it works

The Rewards Bar is injected directly to your store front, and follows your customers as they browse your shop. Every time their cart reaches a pre-determined total (that you set), they unlock a new reward/discount code. It breaks down a BIG order into 3 reachable totals so EVERYONE wins. Then, they decide which discount code to apply at checkout!

Increase your Returning Customers 

If your customers are able to unlock a new discount code every time they shop with you, they are more likely to revisit your store. Maybe they're working towards the higher cart totals, creating bigger sales for you, but bigger savings for them!  

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About The Rewards Bar

The Rewards Bar encourages your customers to spend more by rewarding them. The more they spend, the bigger and better reward they get!

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The Rewards Bar makes sense to your customers

  • The Rewards Bar will follow your customers throughout your store, subtly convincing them to create bigger carts. Which in turn means more $$ for you, the merchant!

Motivate your customers with the following types of rewards

  • Percentage off the sale.

  • Fixed dollar amount.

  • Free shipping.

The Rewards Bar is also

  • EASY to install

  • FREE to trial

  • CUSTOMISABLE to suit your theme and look  

Takes less than 1 minute to get running in your storefront!